Self-Warming Bottle

The only bottle designed to safeguard and protect the essential nutrients in breastmilk and formula. ... at the touch of a button, yoomi warms baby's feed to the natural temperature of breast milk in just 60 seconds.

  • Maximum nutrition - because nutrients matter yoomi was designed to gently warm baby's milk to perfect breast milk temperature (32 to 34°C) protecting the essential nutrients in every drop
  • Safe warming - never overheat again, yoomi prevents baby from drinking milk with hot spots, completely eliminating the risks of burns and scalds
  • Hygienic feeding - keeping baby's milk cooler for longer, yoomi reduces bacterial growth by only warming the milk as baby drinks, reducing the time for bacteria to breed and ensuring a healthy feed
  • Easy transitioning - for a 'just like mum' feeling, yoomi's clever integrated warmer creates a naturally warm teat and delivers milk at a constant, breast milk temperature providing the familiarity baby needs to ease the transition between bottle and breast
  • Convenient for modern living - a fully portable warmer ensures you can feed a hungry baby anytime, anywhere in just 60 seconds!